Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Villa Cecilia's Sto. Nino

I already missed three Santo Nino events, last week's Sto Nino processions (I was planning to see the procession of Marilao and Sta Maria...unfortunately my Mom was rushed to the hospital due to a viral infection...she asked me to stay and being an obedient son I stayed...) and today's opening of the Malolos' Sto Nino Exhibit (am feeling a bit lazy). Well there's always next year.

Sto Nino Villa Cecilia

Last week, I helped one of the chapels under our Parish prepare for their fiesta (actually planning started two weeks prior to the Fiesta), The Sto Nino Chapel.

Sto Nino Chapel

Three weeks ago, one of the chapel coordinators/care takers approached me and asked me for a concept they can use for their fiesta. I immediately went to the chapel to do an occular. By the way, if anyone is interested for me to design or decorate their carroza, chapel etc feel free to flickrmail me. If my schedule permits maybe we can work together. Practice makes perfect and I greatly appreciate any opportunity or chance I can get. Back to the story, see picture of their carroza (Below) and the chapel interior (see banner).

Carroza study

This is what I designed for them.


Design 1

Carroza and Altar

Design 2

Last week, Saturday, I attended a parish committee meeting near the chapel, since it was walking distance away I decided to drop by and see how they were doing (and show them the Sto Nino coffee table book). When I got there...I guess the florist in me could not resist the urge to help out so I immediately asked for a pair of scissors and started cutting...Told myself, "this is like the Kitchen Stadium of Iron Chef, instead of cooking the task is create a floral arrangement fit for the Sto Nino, secret ingredients are a bundle of orchids; a dozen anthuriums; 4 bundles of azucena, 2 bundles of formosa etc..." According to them they ordered the flowers from Marikina (although honestly I think they could have gotten more flowers/foliage if they went to Dangwa themselves), besides I am not a fan of Calla Lily after I attempted to use it last year during the culmination activity of the month of the rosary...let's just say I still have not discovered/mastered how to lengthen the life of that flower (I think it only lasts at most 6-8 hours.) If anyone knows the secret in using Calla Lillies please share... Here's what I came up, it's not yet finished when I took the picture had to stop since the novena mass will start so I just told them what to do to finish it. Given the flowers I have to worked with, in the end I was pleased with the result. Although it took me some time convincing them to remove the tivoli lights/christmas lights around the Sto. Nino. Even if the intension is to add more lighting, tivoli lights does not compensate for a spotlight.

Floral Arrangement Sto Nino

Just sharing an interesting story they told me. This chapel was once a factory, was donated and turned to a place of worship...see interior. Currently they are still in the process of renovating their chapel. According to them, initially they were not sure to whom to dedicate the chapel. There were lots of talks, debates, suggestions etc until one day someone from their community donated a head and hands of a Sto Nino (the image was from a relative who was not aware of what's going on). Taking this as a cue from Heaven, they decided to name the chapel after the Sto. Nino. Nice isn't it? You get guidance when least expected. A child bringing unity to a party having difficulty deciding.

Sto Nino of Villa Cecilia

Speaking of donated images, just sharing this beautiful marian image I saw in the venue of the parish committee meeting I attended that same day. I am not sure of the title but this image was made in France, won by the parent of someone from their chapel and was donated after that person decided to change religion...good thing in the end she decided to donate it. Would be a waste if it was destroyed or burned.

Mary Katarungan Chapel

Unfortunately for this Sto Nino image (with one arm missing) was placed in the garden as if a gnome or something, this was near the Sto Nino Chapel...

Sto Nino Garden Decor?

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