Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flores De Mayo 2009

First procession as Our Lady of La Naval.

As Our Lady of the Rosary 2

Flores de Mayo 2009

Oro  Vista II Flores de  Mayo 2

Oro  Vista II Flores de  Mayo 3

Our Lady of the Rosary, Oro Vista Flores de Mayo 09

Oro  Vista II Flores de  Mayo 1
My Tita (visiting) from General Santos City said that she never joins processions before...this was her first time to join a procession from start to finish

Oro  Vista II Flores de  Mayo 4
You might be wondering if it's supposed to be a "replica" why doesn't it look like the original La's more of a personal preference...una hindi ivory ang ulo (I learned that from my Beata Imelda...Ivory finish is not Ivory...well siguro depende sa mageencarna but still); secondly I believe that no one can ever really capture or copy the face of La to save me from disappointments and heartaches...wag na lang; and third I guess reverence to the image, one of a kind ang La Naval...

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