Monday, September 26, 2011

October Devotion 2011: Preparations


September 24, 2011

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Came to the Parish to meet the volunteers who will pick up the image and was pleasantly surprised to see the posters for the October Devotion ready. This is it...October Devotion 2011...

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Scheduled pick-up was a day early however thanks to Sis Remy and family for their generosity to ensure this is done. Thanks as well to Sis Tess for coordinating with all the people who can help us in this activity.

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Almost there...

Worship Ministry Meeting

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Fr. Louie, SJMV Parish Priest, joining the Worship Ministry meeting, primary agenda is the October Devotion 2011 activities.

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Meeting hand-outs...I like the appearance of the image in this print-out. She looks so regal.

Other Preparations

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Attending to the image. A make-shift room for the image at the Parish Belfry. Thanks to Sis Oti for helping out with the needle work and to Tita Gina for correcting the shape of the mantle (La Naval's infamous triangular silhouette)

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Preparing the "throne" at the parish altar. No flowers yet.

Whew...a lot of work needs to be done, I thought I will not be able to finish anything but fortunately with God's help I was able to find assistance. Thanks to Kuya Paul et al.

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