Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flores De Mayo 2011

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Flores de Mayo at our Parish. Every afternoon you have the traditional alay-alay, a good tool to catechize children. Nakakatuwang pakinggan ang mga batang sabay sabay na nagdarasal at kumakanta.

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Flores de Mayo- Prusisyon

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Holy Mass celebrated by our Parish Priest, Fr. Louie

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More Fr. Louie who according to rumors is completing his last year in our Parish before he is assigned to a new one...

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Cinderella waiting...

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Our Lady of Antipolo and the boys choir

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Our Lady of Antipolo, this year's festejada image. Thanks to Villa Cecilia chapel for lending the image

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The Sagalas...our Flores de Mayo is very simple, no "Reyna's" etc etc

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More Sagalas

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Ang Cute!!!

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Si Mayor at ang Birhen. Note si Mayor may wangwang pa habang umaandar ang kanyang sasakyan

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The organizers and the Ave Maria girls

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The catwalk

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Suman and flowers inspired from Marikina's marian procession 2010--Our Lady of Antipolo image as well

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Our Lady of Antipolo

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Si Mayor at si Congressman

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Little angels and proud parents

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More sagala action!

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More shots of Our Lady

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More shots of Our Lady, kunyari nasa pick-up

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The block rosary image of Our Lady of Fatima

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After the procession, traditional alay-alay

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