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October Devotion 2010

October Devotion 2010 @ St. John Mary Vianney Parish


032920105757 (Small)

032920105756 (Small)

032920105742 (Small)

With Beata Imelda Lambertini

032920105763 (Small)

1st week of September...took these photos after cleaning the image. Preparing to dress the image for the October festivities.

Face of Mary, from different angles

Face of Jesus, from different angles

September 18, 2010

Celebrating Mama Mary's 4th year with us...and this is our third year hosting the 2000 Hail Mary's to mark this special event.


Mamy Mary, pray for us!

snapshots 1...2000 Hail Mary's

St. Michael protect our petitions, our intentions

snapshots 2...2000 Hail Mary's

Kainan na...choose your kakanin!

September 26, 2010


October Festivities on the bulletin board

Ready for pickup...

October Devotion...start!

Enthronement: Prayers etc...
September 26, 2010

Angels in waiting...


Reunion of the "Salubong" angels

Remembering the Lessons of Ondoy

Snapshots...Enthronement, end of Mass

End of Mass...

..."a touching scene"

October 2, 2010

Walang tulog...

October 3, 2010

Sixth day novena...sampaguita sa kamay ng imahen. Bukas ko na lang alisin...

Can't wait for 10/10/10

Pero baka hindi ako makapunta sa Santo Domingo ngayon kasi kasabay ng Holy Rosary Procession sa Marikina. Doon naman ako para kay Beata Imelda Lambertini.

Nanaginip na naman ako about La Naval...

Nakapasok ako sa isang malaking kuwarto. Pagkapasok ko, sa may bandang kanan, may nakita akong tatlong malalaking maleta (parang malalaking coin purse ang shape) na magkakapatong. Binuksan ko iyong nasa ibabaw tapos nakita ko ang isa sa mga lumang damit ng La Naval na nakatiklop na patatsulok. Sa likod nito ay marami pang damit. Patuloy akong naglakad sa kabilang bahagi ng kuwarto, mayroon naman akong nakitang malaking kama na may imahen ng babaeng natutulog (parang "one sided" na scuplture typical ng sa Mother of Perpetual Help) tapos sa paligid marami pang damit. Hindi ko matanto kung anu ang ginagawa ko sa kuwarto, malamang hinahanap ko ang imahen...tapos sa may bandang dulo ng kuwarto may isa pang pinto...malakas ang kutob ko na naandoon ang La Naval...papunta na ako sa kuwarto...

Hanggang doon lang, nagising na ako...

Panaginip La Naval 2

October 7, 2010
Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

2000 Hail Mary's part 2, at the Parish. Petitions are divided among the chapels comprising the parish.


Before each mystery, a representative from the assigned group will offer a rose to Mama Mary, while another lights a candle...

Hanggang petition number 6 lang ako, assigned to the Knights of Columbus group...weekday kasi still have work in the afternoon...

The 2000 Hail Mary is a very powerful prayer, not that the rosary is not powerful enough...think of it as multiplying the effect of praying the rosary. A lot of favors and blessings have been answered, and I will forever be grateful to Mama Mary

The October Devotion celebration in our parish is a month long activity starting from the last Sunday of September until the 4th Sunday of October (before All Saints Day).

Before, for October Devotion the Parish would only hold a Living Rosary every 2nd Saturday of October. Last year, through the help of the Worship Ministry, I was able to influence them to pattern our October Devotion after Sto. Domingo's, in honor of Our Lady of La Naval de Manila.

Last Year, before the Enthronement, plan was to parade the image first from our community's chapel to the Parish. Unfortunately due to Ondoy everything was changed last minute, no more procession, instead the image was brought straight to the parish, and we proceeded immediately to the opening prayers and recitation of the holy rosary. A few days later, the novena was started and then on October 7th, a procession was held, Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (see pictures/videos above). Finally, on the last Sunday of October 2009, the annual Living Rosary was held and afterwards another procession from the Parish to our community's chapel, to close the event.

For this year, taking all learnings I had from last year's event (availability of people, weather, assignment of roles/tasks etc), I planned out 6 eventsfor the whole month of October.

The month long event started last September 26th (see photos above) with the enthronement of the image, followed by the novena in honor of Our Lady of La Naval de Manila from September 28th until October 6th. On October 7th, Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary through the leadership of Legion of Mary and Apostolado ng Panalangin, we organized a 2000 Hail Mary. On October 9th, due to availability of the Parish (versus weddings and baptisms), the Living Rosary was held instead of the original plan to have it on the 16th. For all the Sundays of October, the choir will be singing Marian songs in between masses...sort of "Harana kay Maria." And on the 24th of October, culminating activity, we will have an hour long reflection on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary (from Joyful to Glorious) followed by a procession.

October Devotion Culminating Activity
St. John Mary Vianney Parish


Program started around 3 pm with a reflection on all the 20 mysteries of the rosary.

Halfway through the program, San Jose arrives

After the Thanksgiving Prayer, Our Lady exits the Parish while the choir sings "Salamat Maria"

Transferring the image from the trolley to the carroza

Carroza ready for boarding...

Adios, Reina del Cielo

Ready na for the procession...

October Devotion Closing Activity 2010
Lining up the images...

Lining up the images 2

Mama Mary and Jesus all smiles

San Jose and party

Mama Mary and party

A beautiful afternoon, thank God it stopped raining this afternoon...even though there was a typhoon coming...

San Jose entering our subdivision

Mama Mary's turn...

Procession last stretch

One last turn at chapel na...

Towards the end, it started to rain a bit...ambon lang...feels like the heavens are blessing us. Everyone is thankful though that it didn't rain during the procession. Our prayers answered.

Closing prayer

October Devotion officially closed. Viva Our Lady of La Naval!

Reina del Cielo

San Jose feeling the rush

There's still so much to improve and learn, first of is to further encourage our parishioners to have a more active participation in all events. Second is to have better planning and execution of tasks.

However this year I am very much pleased with the support I received from the other church workers. Aside from the Worship Ministry backing all activities I have proposed, the Legion of Mary, Apostolado ng Panalangin, Mother Butlers and the Music Ministry have committed themselves to ensure the success of all the activities. For the Music Ministry, they learned all the La Naval Songs from Inang Maria to Awit sa Ina ng Sto. Rosario to Salamat Maria (except for the Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii and Despedida ala Virgen) and took the lead for the weekly Harana kay Maria. For the Apostolado and Legion, they took ownership over the novena and 2000 Hail Mary's. The Mother Butlers were responsible for the beautiful arrangements on Our Lady's altar. Last but not the least, the Worship Ministry then focused on the Enthronement and the Living Rosary.

Until next year...Mama Mary, Our Lady of La Naval, pray for us!

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