Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Marikina's Alay kay Maria 2009

Alay kay Maria 1

Top pick is the carroza of Our Lady of Antipolo (I wonder why GMP does not have Our Lady of Antipolo included in their lineup of "Coronadas"). I guess the artists behind the carroza of Our Lady of Orani are the same group behind this carroza, notice the birds.

Alay kay Maria 3

Again, you'll notice the garlands, nice isn't it? The big white flowers I think are artificial, I think those are peonies.

Alay kay Maria 2
The Anatomy of Antipolo's floral arrangement

Alay kay Maria 4
Alay kay Maria 5
During the Procession

Next carroza:

I like to call this the His' and Her's Floral arrangement...you have one huge arrangement but with two distinct character.

Alay kay Maria 6
White Azucenas for Mama Mary, yellow Dancing Ladies for Jesus


The carroza of Our Lady of the Abandoned, Marikina. Simplicity at it's best. As a viewer you appreciate the image, the carroza and the floral arrangment. This is the kind of balance carroza owners should try to achieve.

Alay kay Maria 7
Simply Delightful...although the wilted Lilies should have been taken out

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