Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Malolos' Grand Sto. Nino Procession 2010

From Roxas Blvd. I rushed to Malolos to catch the Malolos Grand Sto. Nino procession...even though by this time I'm already tired and sleepy, still going there is a good decision

Banner (Small)

Arrived in Malolos-Bayan around 8 in the evening, the procession has almost completed its route, I think another 25% more to go. The tricycle I am riding is stuck in traffic, we stopped somewhere near Barasoain. I had no choice but to run from that spot to the cathedral.

Immediately after crossing the bridge leading to the cathedral, I saw the carroza of the Sto. Nino riding a chariot (I know this is the first carroza in the line-up recalling last year's procession)...nice carroza and arrangement. I like the details, see the chariot and the horses.

Chariot (Small)
Chariots of Fire

As I was watching the procession, I can't help exclaim (to myself) "Malolos...Amazing" for beautifully arranged carroza's came in succession, one after another. See collage of my top picks would have seen much more if I just came earlier (unfortunately the onlookers are too eager to get their share of souvenirs that they no longer care if the procession is over or not).

Picks 2 (Small)

Picks 4 (Small)
Picks 3 (Small)

Picks 5 (Small)
Picks 1 (Small)
Picks 6 (Small)

Cebu...nice replica

Cebu (Small)

Cielo, the star of Malolos' Grand Procession

Cielo (Small)

The most colorful carroza...(I'm just not a fan of the background music...Spanish rap or folk song...I dunno?)

Color (Small)

Dex's Sto. Nino

Compassion (Small)

Festejada, nice use of Gladioli

Festejada3 (Small)


Isabela (Small)

Gothic...although I think the carroza needs more floral arrangements.

Gothic (Small)


Perfect Balance (Small)

Pan y vino...parang lumaki iyong Sto. Nino?

Pan y Vino 2 (Small)

Pan Y Vino (Small)

My favorite...

Loreto (Small)

Red, simple but nice floral arrangement

Red (Small)

Roof (I like the canopy of Dancing Ladies)

Roof (Small)

Sleeping Child...cute image

Sleeping (Small)

Cielo face

Silip (Small)

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