Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Devotion to Our Lady of La Naval

My mom would bring me to the procession when I was young, that was our mother and son bonding activity; this simple watching of the procession eventually grew to a devotion.

Prayers Answered

1. When I was in highschool we were so late for the procession so I was praying that I may still see her, even if I just see her and not the rest of the carrozas I would be very happy.

When we reached Sto. Dominggo, she was already enroute back to the church, about to get inside and that made me cry...she answered my prayer. I felt that she waited for me so that before she went in the church I can still see her in all her beauty, majesty and love...

2. She was one of the reasons why I finally decided to have an image of the blessed virgin, a dream helped me to finalize my decision. October 2005 my Mom decided that she will pay for a new crown for our Virgen Alegria in Bulacan. I decided that we will lend that crown to our chapel during its Fiesta. April 2006 after the Holy Week and we took home the crown I realized that the crown was way too big for the chapel image. This started me to think of having a new image. May 2006 (though I really wanted to have my own image ever since) I am having second doubts whether I will push through with it because that would mean withdrawing all my money in the bank. My mom is somehow against it and keeps reminding me not to rush with this kinds of things. I am also having doubts on how people will receive it, and checking my intentions: am I doing it just because of my impulsiveness, is this too much etc...

And then I had this dream...I was inside a church and I was telling a priest that I will have an image sculpted of the Blessed Virgin and the priest scolded me and he was totally against it. And suddenly a door opened at the side of the altar and I entered the room. Inside the Virgin of La Naval was there, she was glistening and as beautiful and regal as ever and then she spoke to me saying that it is ok for me to have the image made and then I woke up. Then on I know my decision was right. It was the best time as opposed to what my mother said.

3. When the image arrived in our house September of 2006, blessings came rushing in as well. Also, around August 2006 I wrote a list of all my petitions to her and I inserted it inside my novena booklet to Our Lady of Fatima. And just last month when I accidentally saw the list once again I looked at each one of the items I listed and guess what...all those things came true.

To Jesus through Mary...

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