Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holy Rosary Parish, Boracay


The Holy Rosary Parish is situated between Station 1 and Station 2. It's just a short ride away from D'Mall (a very creative way of naming a place don't ya think...= ). I think this is the only church in the country...maybe the world which is not very particular with regard to what you wear when you go to mass, you'd see people as if they just left the beach...well ofcourse the Islanders know better.


The eye-catching facade of the church. Reminds me of the Angry Christ Church in Negros Occidental...though the Christ here is nowhere looking angry...I guess its more of the church making an artistic statement I highly appreciate

Only in Boracay where the church looks like another party people let's go to mass!!! Yeh!

Close-up of the fabric covered ceiling...can't help but look up. It seems not for a church but somehow it just feels right. This was taken last year took me that long to write this...hehehe...any recent photos anyone?

The church altar. I guess...being true to the party altar covered in christmas/tivoli lights.

The Church Images

Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart, Our Lady of the Rosary and Sto Nino

Twin Hearts...Twin Pairs

This came as a shock to me...I mean celebrities, the it crowd etc flock to Boracay during Holy Week to frolic under the sun (and moon) I was not really expecting to see Holy Week images anywhere even a Santo Entierro and I saw this...It is relatively small but it's on this "silver carroza" and it looks well taken cared of. I went around the carroza looking for an opening...hehehe...can't seem to find one...I need to take a shot of the Cristo...unfortunately it's well covered...I guess they don't want to damage the image from too much sun

More calandra pics. I honestly frown upon the idea of people partying during Holy Week...but at least, at the heart of Boracay there is a place where people "can stop and reflect for a while..." The other carroza I think is for Our Lady of the Rosary

The Patron Image
Our Lady of the Rosary

In an all white ensemble...the place really comes of as a white party.

More pictures of Our Lady

White flowers to complete the look

All said, this church may not be like the ones found in Bohol or in mainland Visayas nonetheless this is the heart and soul of Boracay and her people (not the tourists...hmmm oh yes, I pray... the tourists).

Below is the schedule of mass in the Parish:

Monday - 6:30 AM
Tuesday - 6:30 AM
Wednesday - 5:00 PM [Perpetual Help]
Thursday - 6:30 AM
Friday - 6:30 AM
Saturday - 6:30 AM and 4:00 PM (Anticipated Mass)
Sunday - 8:00 AM (Visayan Mass) and 4:00 PM (English Mass)

Mass schedule from


The Boracay Grotto

The famous image of our Blessed Mother in Boracay. Read in the newspaper months ago that this statue was stolen. Not sure if it has been recovered. They say a lot of business opportunists want the image out--too religious, bad for business?

Where is She?

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  1. The Lourdesn Grotto was actually destroyed. What happened is that the owner of the area was once Catholic, til she became a Protestant, so 1 night she had it destroyed so by the next morning, the people was in shock, as this was the most photographed site in Boracay (even local authorities wants it restored). the Parish and the people won, even the business establishments wanted it restored, so now it stands again, but the original statue was badly broken already so a new grotto was built and a new image placed. Here's the new grotto. :) - Remon Ramos