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OLA 2010 Fiesta

Fiesta Month

Fiesta month indeed! I'am having difficulty choosing where to last Sunday, Malolos or Marikina?...however in the end decided to go to Marikina.

050920107271 (Small)

@ Marikina's Fiesta

050920107281 (Small)

For the longest time Marikina has been celebrating their town's fiesta every May 12th, this year they decided to revert back to the traditional fiesta date (which is every second Sunday of May)...or so I learned during the Homily. I find it interesting why at this moment we have parishes or groups resurrecting tradition like in Montalban, Our Lady of Aranzazu...what is the raison d' etre?

050920107278 (Small)

Though I live near Marikina, actually OLA is nearer to my place than Antipolo Cathedral, this is my first time to actually attend OLA's fiesta. I went there anticipating to see more than one carroza since OLA is the Queen of Marikina (during Holy Rosary Marikeno's exert extra effort to produce a line-up that will rival Sto. Domingo's) however that was not the case. Honestly, I am a bit disappointed on this aspect (me thinking of my article)...Generally I think the organizer's opted for a celebration which is easy on the pocket, noticeable as well in the church decorations...nothing wrong with that, maybe they are just being practical since I saw signs of ongoing renovation-work and since Marikina a few month's back experienced the worst of Ondoy...which I think is and my adik expectations.

050920107274 (Small)
The color of Marikina...will it change with new leadership?

The Festejada's Carroza

I am not a big fan of this carroza...too modern and too "carnivale" furthermore given that OLA is a canonically crowned image (I don't think Marikina has a limited supply of grand carroza's) ...however the addition of the light posts somehow improved how it looks, actually it made a whole lot of difference.

050920107298 (Small)
OLA during the Fiesta Mass

050920107285 (Small)
OLA during the Fiesta Mass, Communion

050920107303 (Small)
Carroza Focal Point details...very nice

Congratulations Benedict for a beautiful carroza arrangement.

The Procession

050920107313 (Small)
Preparing to exit...

050920107312 (Small)
Attaching the generator

050920107319 (Small)
Just outside the Church

050920107322 (Small)
OLA with the "Dancing Ladies"

050920107326 (Small)
Azucenas for OLA

Our Lady of the Abandoned, the Monalisa among all Marian Images

050920107389 (Small)
She has a captivating smile. I remember years back on the way to GMP, I met the Marikina group (they used to travel in buses) and I overheard them discussing that the image smiles beautifully if she likes the procession or the carroza...I never fully realised how beautiful her smile is until last may be the carroza lighting, I may be at the right position (looking up) or looking from the right angle (looking up) but I have never seen such a smile on an image, a Monalisa smile...unfortunately it's hard to capture in photo.

OLA sideback (Small)
front and back view

Cape Detail (Small)
Details of her vestments

050920107359 (Small)

050920107385 (Small)
Ushering the devotees

050920107417 (Small)
A remarkable Mother's Day Celebration

The Hermano and his family...

I know there were two Hermano's...

050920107367 (Small)
During the "Pahalik..."

050920107394 (Small)

050920107395 (Small)

050920107426 (Small)
Tired but very happy devotees

OLA Front (Small)
OLA Welcome

050920107309 (Small)
OLA's carroza, front

The Church Altar

Until now the church's floral arrangement during the canonical coronation is still etched in my mind...can't help but compare nonetheless the church was still decorated nicely. I especially liked the red roses arrangement.

050920107372 (Small)

050920107368 (Small)

050920107374 (Small)

Pahalik sa Birhen

050920107390 (Small)

050920107391 (Small)

Just as I thought there was only one carroza moving around Marikina at that moment...I got thirsty and decided to buy a large coke at Jollibee...had to fall in line etc etc and hurry to catch up...until at last I saw the carroza of Our Lady...but the moment I got nearer I realized something...

The Other OLA
Aglipay, Sto. Nino Parish
Marikina City

050920107350 (Small)

050920107351 (Small)

050920107356 (Small)

050920107357 (Small)

OLA's Reyna de las Flores

050920107420 (Small)

050920107421 (Small)

050920107419 (Small)

050920107422 (Small)

050920107424 (Small)
Imitation of Christ

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