Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mga Aral sa Paggagayak ng Carroza 1

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It's Holy Week once again, if your parish has not started to hold processions yet or if you are still undecided what to do this year for the upcoming processions...hopefully this helps.

El Nino or not, the show must go on!

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One unfortunate thing about this flower wilts fast...mere hours, so if you are the type who makes arrangements that should last until Easter stick with mums, azucenas, orchids and anthuriums--never fails.


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Yellow and White are the predominant color. I am not really sure if this is the trend or preference of most carroza owners, I am assuming that these are the colors dominating the market eg mums, fiji's etc (meaning mostly available)...not sure as well if this is due to Tita Cory (A magazine ad says yellow is the new color of bravery)--if that's the case may each single yellow flower remind us to love our democracy and to vote wisely in the coming national election.

But am not here to promote any candidate running for national or local office, that is why my next suggestion is...

Go political.

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Branching out.

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Correction...see examples below. Thanks

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Much Ado with Garlands

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Photo courtesy of Mic Cal

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Turn Back Time: Ang Alamat ng Sampaguita

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Santa Maria Cleofe courstesy of Tita Jessica...Design by Nikki Ballesteros (concept and idea), and Mr. Vic del Mundo (the master florist responsible for this execution); San Pedro courtesy of Joaquin2001

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Play with Leaves

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Victorian's court

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Dry as El Nino.

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It may sure look fun to decorate our carroza's and we can always assert our artistic freedom, ultimately all we want is for our carroza's to look good worthy of the images it is bearing...that may be...we should always remember what the occassion is and be guided accordingly.

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