Thursday, October 20, 2011

Holy Week 2010 at Minalin, Pampanga

Due to my insatiable interests on religious images, I ask my office mates to share pictures of Holy Week processions in their hometowns given that I rarely have the opportunity to venture outside Bulacan during these days.

Here's a photo set of Holy Week activities of Minalin, Pampanga

Images of Christ

DSC_0312 (Small)

DSC_0313 (Small)

DSC_0314 (Small)

DSC_0322 (Small)

DSC_0320 (Small)

DSC_0321 (Small)

DSC_0323 (Small)

DSC_0326 (Small)

DSC_0328 (Small)

DSC_0327 (Small)

DSC_0329 (Small)

DSC_0330 (Small)

DSC_0331 (Small)

DSC_0332 (Small)

DSC_0333 (Small)

DSC_0334 (Small)

DSC_0335 (Small)

DSC_0336 (Small)

DSC_0337 (Small)

DSC_0339 (Small)

DSC_0338 (Small)

DSC_0340 (Small)

DSC_0341 (Small)

DSC_0342 (Small)

DSC_0343 (Small)

DSC_0344 (Small)

DSC_0346 (Small)

DSC_0345 (Small)

DSC_0348 (Small)

DSC_0347 (Small)

DSC_0351 (Small)

DSC_0350 (Small)

DSC_0349 (Small)

DSC_0352 (Small)

DSC_0353 (Small)

DSC_0354 (Small)

DSC_0355 (Small)

DSC_0357 (Small)

DSC_0358 (Small)

DSC_0356 (Small)

DSC_0359 (Small)

DSC_0360 (Small)

DSC_0361 (Small)

DSC_0362 (Small)

DSC_0363 (Small)

DSC_0364 (Small)

DSC_0368 (Small)

DSC_0376 (Small)

DSC_0377 (Small)

DSC_0378 (Small)

DSC_0379 (Small)

DSC_0380 (Small)

Pampanga Penitente

DSC_0288 (Small)

DSC_0293 (Small)

DSC_0290 (Small)

DSC_0289 (Small)

DSC_0291 (Small)

DSC_0292 (Small)

Solitary Images

DSC_0298 (Small)

DSC_0299 (Small)

DSC_0303 (Small)

DSC_0381 (Small)

DSC_0386 (Small)

DSC_0388 (Small)

DSC_0389 (Small)

DSC_0390 (Small)

DSC_0399 (Small)

DSC_0398 (Small)

DSC_0396 (Small)

DSC_0393 (Small)

DSC_0391 (Small)

DSC_0392 (Small)

DSC_0395 (Small)

DSC_0394 (Small)

DSC_0401 (Small)

At the Salubong "Meeting" Place (the Galilea)

DSC_0411 (Small)

DSC_0410 (Small)

DSC_0455 (Small)

DSC_0454 (Small)

DSC_0432 (Small)

DSC_0413 (Small)

DSC_0415 (Small)

DSC_0414 (Small)

DSC_0419 (Small)

DSC_0418 (Small)

DSC_0406 (Small)

DSC_0450 (Small)

DSC_0409 (Small)

DSC_0407 (Small)

DSC_0408 (Small)

Easter Salubong

DSC_0447 (Small)

DSC_0460 (Small)

DSC_0461 (Small)

DSC_0462 (Small)

DSC_0463 (Small)

DSC_0464 (Small)

DSC_0465 (Small)

DSC_0466 (Small)

DSC_0467 (Small)

DSC_0468 (Small)

DSC_0469 (Small)

DSC_0470 (Small)

DSC_0471 (Small)

DSC_0472 (Small)

DSC_0474 (Small)

DSC_0475 (Small)

DSC_0476 (Small)

DSC_0481 (Small)

DSC_0482 (Small)

DSC_0483 (Small)

DSC_0484 (Small)

DSC_0488 (Small)

DSC_0489 (Small)

DSC_0490 (Small)

DSC_0491 (Small)

DSC_0492 (Small)

DSC_0493 (Small)

DSC_0494 (Small)

DSC_0498 (Small)

DSC_0499 (Small)

DSC_0505 (Small)

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