Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cagayan de Oro Churches Part 2

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Parish interior...somehow reminds you of Quiapo Church, less crowded and noisy of course...

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A beautiful casket of the Santo Entierro. I wonder if this is what they use during the Holy Week Good Friday procession (Calandra)

Slide23 (Small)
Close-up on the image of Christ, the Santo Entierro. Another beautiful image of Christ from Cagayan. I wonder who the sculptor is...

Slide22 (Small)
Collection of images...what strikes me the most is the kneeling image of St. Joseph, not your typical iconography.

Slide24 (Small)
The fourth and fifth Sorrowful Mystery. The image of the Carrying of the Cross is nice, however I think they need to change the over sized vestment

Slide26 (Small)
There are Nazareno's all over the'll never think twice that this is indeed dedicated to the Nazareno.

Slide25 (Small)
A stained glass window in front of the Parish featuring the devotion to the Nazareno.

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