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Holy Rosary Procession 2011

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140th Anniversary of Hermanos de Mesa del Santissimo Rosario

Amidst the unpredictable Sunday weather, Marikina's Holy Rosary procession was successfully held. Once again yellow and white banderitas hang over the plaza of Our Lady of the Abandoned (OLA); while gate posts are topped with mini yellow and white flags. I arrived towards the last part of the Fiesta Mass, almost 6:00 pm, rushing, since the procession starts at 6 pm and the carroza of Beata Imelda Lambertini is yet to be completed, the image is not even on top of the carroza. From where I am, I heard the Parish Priest greeted the organizers of the event, the Hermanos de Mesa del Santissimo Rosario congratulations on their 140th anniversary. 140 years…wow… long before Mary acknowledged that she is the Lady of the Rosary in Fatima, there has been a group in Marikina who has devoted themselves in the propagation and celebration of the Feast of the Holy Rosary and until now they are still at it, leading the faithful of Marikina in this devotion.

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The interior of OLA beautifully decorated for today’s Marian Feast. The romantic arrangement complements the regal celebration which may or may not be rooted to Sto. Domingo’s La Naval tradition…

The Hermanos

Although no one can really say that the group was indeed founded in 1871, tradition states that in the Spanish Times there are two brotherhoods in Marikina responsible for the execution of religious activities of the Parish, the Centro Catolico de Filipinas and the Hermanos de Mesa del Santissimo Rosario. The former is responsible for the activities during Holy Week, the May festivities and Christmas while the latter is responsible for the October Holy Rosary Fiesta. Time has repeatedly tested the Hermanos however with their strong devotion to the rosary and to Our Lady; the group remained steadfast all throughout these years and has surpassed wars and natural catastrophes and ensured that Our Lady’s fiesta perpetuates in Marikina.

Devotion to Beata Imelda Lambertini

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Beata Imelda Lambertini and her love for the Holy Eucharist

My devotion to Beata Imelda is something you can say is unplanned but it happened. She was introduced to me during the hey-days of Flickr by a friend who is planning to join the Marikina Holy Rosary Procession, he owns the image of San Antonino de Florencia.

As I assumed a role in the Worship Ministry back in my Parish in Antipolo, Beata Imelda’s role in my life proved to be beyond the Marikina procession. The Worship Ministry is highly devoted to the Blessed Sacrament, call it fate or destiny, Beata Imelda is the patroness of First Communicants, and hers is an example of pure love and longing to receive Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Her story requires constant reflection since as Catholics we weekly receive Christ during the Sunday service. Now Beata Imelda is constantly part of our Parish’s celebration of the Feast of the Corpus Christi.

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3rd in the line-up of Saints, Beata Imelda Lambertini being introduced and blessed by OLA’s Parish Priest

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The Story of Beata Imelda Lambertini. It’s sad that her cause for sainthood has taken all these years (centuries) without fruition…nonetheless she is an important catholic figure, a worthy example for all young Catholics to love Christ truly present in the Holy Eucharist

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Beata Imelda’s Face. I love the contrast of black on her pale white encarna.

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Subject Matter-wise, processions and old houses are always a perfect combination!

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The carroza of Beata Imelda Lambertini, I was not able to finish it this time…well it’s the same thing as last year…need to have better planning next time.

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More face shots of Beata Imelda Lambertini. If you google her, basically you’d see her death mask given that she is one of the incorruptibles of the Catholic Church. This is a different image, Beata Imelda, alive, anticipating her first communion

The Holy Rosary Procession

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Normally it starts past 7 pm, this year it started early around 6:30 pm (still not on time since originally introduction of the carroza’s should start at 6:00 pm) and with the rains intermittently down pouring most carroza’s were late. I barely made it on time (with Beata Imelda’s carroza still unfinished).

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The start of the procession.

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The first three carroza’s in the line-up: San Lorenzo Ruiz, the First Filipino martyr; Blessed Pope John Paul II, Filipinos’ beloved Pope and Beata Imelda Lambertini, Patroness of First Communicants

Pope John Paul II

In April this year, Vatican proclaimed Pope John Paul II Blessed, foregoing the usual waiting period for all causes for sainthood. The whole Catholic congregation seem to have no problems with it since he has been a great pope in the eyes of the modern faithful ushering the church into the new millennium. There have been rumors that Sto. Domingo in Quezon City may include Pope John Paull II in their line-up (although you can’t really say he is a Dominican saint) so it’s no wonder that Marikina would have one as well. Sto. Domingo did not have an image of Pope John Paul II in the La Naval solemn procession so the rumors turned out false.

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Pope John Paul II in the heart of the Marikeno’s…an image in the Plaza and in image participating in the Holy Rosary procession. In his pontifical rule, he added the Luminous Mysteries

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The carroza of Pope John Paul II. Looking at the image brings back memories of childhood during World Youth Day wherein I took part together with Millions of Filipinos shouting “Pope John Paul we love you!”

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Pope John Paul II passing Pope John Paul II…the carroza of Pope John Paul II making its final turn towards OLA

The Dominican Saints

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The First batch in the Line-up. Being part of the first has it’s perks as well…

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From L-R: Beata Imelda Lambertini, Sto. Tomas Khuong, San Jose, Beato Juan Pablo II, San Vicente Liem dela Paz, Sta. Rosa de Lima

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San Juan Macias and another view of the first batch

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San Luis Beltran

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From L-R: San Vicente Ferrer, Sta Ines de Montepulciano and the tail end batch

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From L-R: San Martin de Porres, Sta. Maria Magdalena de Nagazaki, San Lorenzo Ruiz, Sta. Catalina de Ricci, Sta. Margarita de Castello, and Beata Imelda Lambertini

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From L-R: Sto. Tomas Khuong, Sta. Maria Magdalena de Nagazaki, San Vicente Liem de la Paz, Sta. Rosa de Lima and San Antonino de Florencia

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From L-R: San Jacinto de Odrowatz, San Raymundo Penafort and San Pedro de Verona

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From L-R: Sta. Margarita de Castallo, San Juan Macias, San Lorenzo Ruiz and Beata Imelda Lambertini

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Sto. Domingo de Guzman, Founder of the Dominican Order

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A Tale of Two Popes: San Antonino de Florecia and San Pio V

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First batch towards the last stretch of the procession along Calumpang

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Beata Imelda Lambertini arrives at OLA...the 2011 procession coming to an end, next year again…

The Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

The Rosary is a gospel prayer wherein in every mystery we take time to reflect on the life of Jesus and of Mary and the assertions the catholic faith has made with respect to Mary’s role in the Salvation History (Dogma’s). This year the Parish Priest suggested including in the procession line-up the mysteries of the Rosary. Although it is not complete, trust me when I say Marikina will find a way to complete this.

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The fifth Glorious Mystery: The Coronation of Our Lady as Queen of Heaven and Earth

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From L-R: The first Luminous Mystery, the Wedding Feast at Cana (the first miracle of Jesus; the third Joyful Mystery, the Nativity; the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross; the fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Mary into Heaven and the first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony of Jesus in the Garden

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From L-R: The first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection; the second and third Sorrowful Mystery, respectively, the Scourging at the Pillar and the Crowning with Thorns; the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ

Marikina’s Lady of the Rosary

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The Devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary was instituted by Pope Pius V in recognition of the naval victories in Lepanto. She is also known as Our Lady of Victories, and Mary Help of Christians

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Our Lady of the Rosary entering OLA at long last, carroza’s joining this year’s Holy Rosary procession reached more than 40

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Rosary devotion in the Shrine of Our Lady of the Abandoned

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Miraculously, the rains stopped for a while for the procession to happen. My uncle jokingly said, “If you combine the intercessory powers of all the saints joining the procession it’s bound to happen”

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Fireworks aftermath…Sta. Catalina de Ricci dramatically moving through thick smoke

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OLA after the procession

The Hermanos once again did it! Congratulations on propagating this devotion for 140 years! Our Lady of the Rosary, Pray for Us!

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