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Marikina's Alay kay Maria Procession 2013 Part 2

See Part 1.

Marikina's Alay kay Maria Procession 2013 Part 2

From Left to Right: Fe, Milagros, Amparo and Soledad

A replica of Our Lady of the Abandoned, I like the way they folded the leaves to look like flowers, I've seen the same technique in other carroza's as well.

I can already imagine Tom Joven saying that the "bomba" of the Virgen should not be exposed. This is taking it to the next level...

The 16K carroza. I heard one of the "bantay" narrating the story to a "manang ng simbahan" how much they ended up spending for this carroza...although it is a common knowledge that bringing out an image entails spending XXXX amount of pesos, I still hope people be modest about it, especially since our country experienced one tragedy after another...that amount could have made a lot of difference. Anyone can argue following what Jesus said, give to Ceasar what is due to Ceasar, however what is more integral in our faith? point of view. I love religious images, but for me there's always a limit.

The Immaculate Conception

God our Father, may we always profit by the prayers of the Virgin Mother Mary, for You bring us life and salvation through Jesus Christ her Son Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Marikina's Immaculate Conception. I was informed before that the Hermanos and Hermanos of the "Alay kay Maria" procession take turn bringing out their image of the Immaculate Conception...however I've been noticing in the past processions that this is the same image brought out year after year.

Blessing the image...

Ateneo vs UST: Parang UAAP lang...Immaculada to the Jesuits; La Naval to the Dominicans

Help of Christians

One of the busiest marian image this Marian Procession season...

Marikina's Queen, Our Lady of the Abandoned

Eternal Father, I thank Thee for myself, and on behalf of all mankind, for the great mercy that Thou hast shown us, in sending Thy Son to be made man, and to die to obtain our salvation; I thank Thee for it, and I should wish to offer Thee in thanksgiving all that love which is due for such an inestimable benefit. By His merits our sins are pardoned, and Thy justice is satisfied for the punishment we had merited; by these merits Thou dost receive us miserable sinners into Thy grace, while we deserve nothing but hatred and chastisement: Thou dost receive men to reign in Paradise. Finally, Thou hast bound Thyself, in consideration of these merits, to grant all gifts and graces to those who ask for them in the name of Jesus Christ.

O my beloved Jesus! O sweet Mary! I trust in Thee. To Thee do I give my soul; Thou doth love it so much, have pity on it, and save it.

I thank Thee also, O Infinite Goodness, that, in order to strengthen our confidence, besides giving us Jesus Christ as our Redeemer, Thou hast also given us Thy beloved daughter Mary as our advocate; so that, with that heart full of mercy which Thou hast given her, she may never cease to succor by her intercession any sinner who may have recourse to her; and this intercession is so powerful with Thee that Thou canst not deny her any grace which she asks of Thee. Hence it is Thy will that we should have a great confidence in the merits of Jesus, and in the intercession of Mary. But this confidence is Thy gift, and it is a great gift which Thou dost grant to those only who ask Thee for it. This confidence, then, in the Blood of Jesus Christ, and in the patronage of Mary, I beg of Thee, through the merits of Jesus and Mary. To Thee, also, my dear Redeemer, do I turn; it was to obtain for me this confidence in Thy merits that Thou didst sacrifice Thy life on the Cross for me, who was worthy only of punishment. Accomplish, then, the end for which Thou hast died; enable me to hope for all things, through confidence in Thy Passion. And thou, O Mary, my mother, and my hope after Jesus, obtain for me a firm confidence, first in the merits of Jesus thy Son, and then in the intercession of thy prayers, prayers which are all-powerful in gaining all they ask!

I never tire looking at her face. I remember something I overheard in GMP years before about the Virgin being moody, she smiles if she likes to be brought out in procession.

La Naval

The indisputable star of the Procession...

La Naval de Manila

A beautiful replica...I know it is wrong to say this, but I am envious. I own a Sto. Rosario image as well but I can never match this, this is almost close to the real thing...

I am a devotee, and I am amazed how the owner was able to follow the infamous makings of the La Naval silhouette perfectly...even better than the La Naval in Intramuros' GMP which is dressed in Blue and White, while the image of La Naval is always in Gold whenever she is in a procession (A Flickr member commented before that a Queen would never want to be seen outside wearing day clothes...)

The carroza resembles the old carroza of the Virgin in Intramuros, but this is smaller ofcourse...

Look at that triangular shaped formed from the mantle...amazing!

The first time I saw this was in Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows, but I am still amazed...just look at that, from all sides it's as if you are seeing the original image...I peeped once, how they were able to do this and the framework that holds the mantle in place is made of iron...really heavy, I don't have the manpower and moola to maintain this.

I come to offer you my prayers. I have made my pleas to you again and again and every moment my faith grows more steadfast; my hope more sure; my love more fervent; and my life more complete in your presence.

However, there had been a number of times that I fail to call on you; that I fail to love my neighbors, to keep my promises, to ask for pardon and to give pardon to others, and to give thanks for all the blessings that come my way. Yet, in all these moments, you are ever present, O Lord, to take me back if I will but come to you.

By meditating on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, lead me to find your presence in my life as Mother Mary found You. In every mystery of my joy, in every mystery of my sorrow, in every mystery of my glory, may I recognize you, the Emmanuel - the God who is with us now and forever, Amen.

More of the silhouette

Parang Intramuros...

Blast from the past...What's missing? The lengths of ribbons tied around the carroza, held by devotees one by one

La Naval in Calumpang

Look at that shape...I just sigh...I want...

Our Lady of La Naval, pray for us!

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