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San Geronimo, Morong, Rizal

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San Geronimo or St. Jerome Parish is one of the oldest church and one of the most beautiful churches in the Province of Rizal. The structure is basically baroque with its tower as "the piece de resistance."

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A heavily decorated church tower, proclaiming God's majesty for the world to see

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Another view of the bell tower...relative height

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From L-R: A grand entrance; the Structure besides the tower, not sure if this is convent and if it was constructed the same time the tower was built, it's not as magnificent as the tower though...

View from the Tower

Due to its height, the tower provides a spectacular 360 view of the town of Morong.

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St. Jerome the Translator

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St. Jerome is the patron saint of the town. He is regarded as a Doctor of the Church, his greatest literary contribution is the translation of the bible into Latin, known as the Vulgate. He preferred to live the ascetic life that is why his image is always depicted as a semi-clad old man (like a hermit).

Church Interior

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Unfortunately this was destroyed during WWII, thus the inside is not as impressive as the outside, I hope the country soon consider funding projects like this, truly this is a heritage site worth preserving

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Neat and clean, as they say cleanliness is next to godliness

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The Sacred Heart of Jesus and more pictures of the Church interior

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A dramatic look at the main altar, two crosses stand out, a stained glass on top and a sculpted image at the center niche

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Church images

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Santo Entierro, a common Church image

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A strong Franciscan presence

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From L-R: The earthly parents of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Our Lady of Antipolo, patroness of the Diocese of Antipolo and an image of St. Joseph

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Crosses probably used during Holy Week stations of the cross

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  1. I miss my home town of Morong, I have a picture of our church hanging in our living room here in Stockton, California to remind me of where I came from. I love California but my heart longs for my native land.