Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Lady of Antipolo Visits SJMV

The Replica image of Our Lady of Antipolo visits the Parishes under the Diocese

Slide46 (Small)
At Saint John Mary Vianney Parish...

Culmination of the Vigil for the Patroness of Antipolo

Slide47 (Small)

Slide48 (Small)

Slide49 (Small)

Slide50 (Small)

Slide51 (Small)

Slide52 (Small)

Slide53 (Small)

Slide54 (Small)

Slide55 (Small)

Transferring the Image to the next Parish

Slide56 (Small)

Slide57 (Small)

Slide58 (Small)

Slide59 (Small)

Slide60 (Small)

Slide61 (Small)

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