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Holy Rosary Procession 2008, OLA, Marikina

O Immaculate Virgin and Queen of the Holy Rosary, in these times of dead faith and triumphant impiety you have desired to establish your throne of Queen and Mother in the ancient land of Pompeii, the resting place of deceased pagans. From this place in which idols and demons were worshipped, you today, as the Mother of divine grace, shower the treasures of heavenly mercy far and wide. O Mary, from this throne upon which you graciously reign, turn upon me as well your benign eyes, and have mercy on me who am so greatly in need of your help. Show yourself to me, just as you have shown yourself to so many others, as the true Mother of mercy: while I with all my heart greet you, and invoke you as my Sovereign and Queen of the Holy Rosary.

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October Devotion in the Shrine of Our Lady of the Abandoned (OLA), Marikina City

Every second Sunday of October, the people of Marikina hold another lavish procession in honor of the Blessed Virgin, in this case, under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Beata Imelda Lambertini (1322-1333)

Blessed Imelda was born into an aristocratic family in Bologna in 1322. She was unusually pious as a child and was placed in Dominican convent of nuns to be educated at her own request when she was nine years old, and she received the Dominican habit soon after her entry. She had a particular devotion to the Blessed Eucharist. Her greatest wish was to receive Holy Communion, but this was not possible as she was too young according to Church law at the time (the minimum age was about 12 until the decree of Pope St Pius X “Quam singulari” in 1910).

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On Ascension Day when she was eleven years old she remained in the convent chapel after Mass with the other sisters. After Mass and Holy Communion the sisters began to leave, but one of them noticed what appeared to be a host hovering over Imelda’s head who was found to be in a state of ecstacy. The priest hurried forward to receive the host on a paten. Experiencing such a miracle, he felt obliged to give Imelda her first Holy Communion.

It was to be her last because she died during her thanksgiving after Communion. Blessed Imelda was beatified in 1826.

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Almost over, Beata Imelda approaching OLA

Dominican Saints in Attendance

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From L-R: San Jacinte de Odrowatz; San Antonino de Florencia and San Martin de Porres; Beata Margarita de Castello and another picture of San Antonino de Florencia

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From L-R: San Vicente Ferrer and Beata Imelda Lambertini

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From L-R: San Pio V; Santo Tomas Khuong; San Jose and San Pedro de Verona

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From L-R: Santa Ynes de Montepulciano and San Antonino de Florencia

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From L-R: San Martin de Porres; Santa Catalina de Sena; Santo Tomas Khuong; San Lorenzo Ruiz; San Alberto Magno, Santo Domingo; Santo Tomas Aquino and Beata Imelda Lambertini

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From L-R: San Vicente Liem dela Paz and San Pio V

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From L-R: seat mates or rather carroza mates...Beata Imelda Lambertini and Beata Margarita de Castello

Before the Feast (every second Sunday of October)
Exhibit of the Images Participating in the Holy Rosary Procession

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My image of Beata Imelda Lambertini, preparations for the exbibit

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