Sunday, April 7, 2013

Getting Ready for Good Friday

Palm Sunday 2013. Back in our home in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan to prepare the carroza's (cleaning, wiring etc)so that come Good Friday all that is left to do is decorate it.

Working on the Carroza's

Slide14 (Small)

First order of business, the carroza of Sta. Maria Cleofe. This carroza was borrowed from a Bisita in Marilao (took me a month to find a carroza and a trucking service but I did!) transported to Poblacion in the morning. I rode the truck myself, what a moment with the wind blowing on my face and the sun's rays all over my body...who needs to go to the beach for a sun tan? The immediate reaction of my Dad and one of my Lola's (who dropped  by) is that it is too just seems right to me. It looks like a tower my Dad further adds. But I disregarded his inputs, 1) I just borrowed the carroza and I cannot nail the "mangrove stems or bakawan" on it and 2) once the floral arrangements are placed, the image may further look smaller without an additional base (the image stands about a meter tall).

Slide30 (Small)
The original plan for the carroza of Sta. Maria Cleofe, design is for a much bigger carroza than what was borrowed. The plan was to have cascading bouquets and crystals surround the image...option 2, the image will be closely surrounded by doves.

Slide3 (Small)
Adding the bakawan where the doves will rest.

Slide31 (Small)
Floral arrangement for the carroza...I so love my SNotes!

Slide4 (Small)
Done for the day...still a lot of work to right, need to skewer these died cottony fabrics on walis tingting for the carroza of the Kristong Gapos, bottom right, Sta. Maria Cleofe in my mind.

Slide29 (Small)
Image left, the final carroza design for the Kristong Gapos. Right, study of what arrangements I can also do...I started out with a simple design but after seeing a picture of a garland decorated with apples (meant for Christmas) I got inspired.

Other Preps...can no longer contain my excitement!

Slide5 (Small)
Preparing the dress of the Mater Dolorosa which  will be used during the Pabasa.

Slide6 (Small)
Readying all other stuff that I will be needing for Good Friday, from the images' clothes and metal accessories to the carroza drapes.

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