Tuesday, April 16, 2013

St. Andrew Parish, Buendia, Makati City

Sometimes when you are lost you just got to let Jesus take control. That is what I felt when supposedly going to Pioneer I ended up in Buendia, burdened with decisions Ihave to make.

I kept looking for a u-turn slot but the road kept taking me farther and farther away from my destination. I've been driving thru the traffic for quite some time now and I stilll cannot find my way back. Suddenly, I saw a gasoline station and I thought that was my exit but I was mistaken, Makati is a confusing maze of one ways and intersection...so I kept driving. This part of Buendia brings back memories of when I was just out of college starting to build a career for myself and since I am already here I decided to drop by the Parish of St. Andrew which somehow served as my sanctuary similar to how I felt whenever I am inside the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice in UP.

The Parish of St. Andrew

This is a very modern looking structure,  basically pyramidal in shape. This I guess is its charm that endeared it to me coming from UP wherein our church's architecture is very modern as well. Two huge statues now guard the entrance (which does not exist 6 years ago). The statue in the picture above I assume is St. John because he holds a scroll or text, the other statue might be St. Andrew but I guess...

Although the top part of the structure is pyramidal, the bottom part follows a circular, highly curved pattern. A huge image of the Sacred Heart stands near the entrance and far beyond the lot where the chuch is, is a Carillion, a bell tower which houses more than 1 bell of varying sizes able to play melody not just a monotonous "ding-dong" sound typical of most bell towers. Another interesting thing I noticed is the placement of two crosses on top of another, the cross of Jesus on top of the cross of St. Andrew.

If the facàde is not enough to wow you, the interior will...with its high ceiling and strategic folds in the ceiling resembling rays of light...there's some kind of extra terrestrial feel to it.

A 360 degree view of the Church interior...beautiful lighting, dramatic ceiling and fully air-conditioned...

Almost time for the Angelus...a family leading the recitation of the Holy Rosary.

The Glory of the Resurrection

Our Lady of the Rosary. I used to pray to this image a lot, back then I was still hoping and praying that I will be given the privilege to own a religious image. I think I saw this image a couple of years back being repaired in the Vecin workshop...termite problem.

Left: Choir loft, stained glass adorning all windows and a beam of light shining down the crucifix...seemingly God saying this is my beloved son. Center: baptism front, a modern depiction of baptism in the River Jordan; Right: Our Lady of Czestochowa

Exploring the Church grounds.

Entrance to the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament located at the back end of the church; An image of St. Andrew, patron saint

The tableau looks Vecin made (from his workshop), no surprise given that his workshop is in Makati. The face of St. John looks similar to the face of St. John of Malolos' Last Supper, also Vecin made (owned by Leo Cloma).

An angel guards cars in the parking lot, while a grotto to Our Lady of Perpetual Help stands on the other end. Right side pic, the Carillion playing "ave maria" since it is almost time for the Angelus.

Multi-purpose hall at the back of the chuch altar. It contains a huge collection of detallado religios images.

More...more...more images...but I can't seem to find the beautiful Sto. Niño image which used to be housed in the Blessed Sacrament altar.

Nuestro Padre Hesus Nazareno

The Parish's carroza's parked...I imagine were recently used during the Holy Week processions.

Church's have a relaxing effect on me, a feeling of security envelopes me...everything will be fine bacause I trust in the Lord. From here now I know what road to take to get to my destination. Now I feel better, stronger and inspired. Sometimes you need to get lost to find where you really need to be. God bless!

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