Sunday, April 7, 2013

Divine and Luxurious Fabrics

Divisoria is a top destination when planning to buy fabrics for the clothing of "de Mannequin" religious images. There's a lot of fabric to choose from and a lot of store to get these from...but more or less the stores sell the same or similar fabrics...what matters is the price and how good you are at haggling. One popular option right now for image owners is to use embellished fabrics, it's more economical since you no longer need to add patches or embroideries to make the whole fabric come to life. The downside though is, more than one owner may have the same fabric as what you have (you know the feeling of walking in a public place thinking how cool or sexy you are with because of what you are wearing and then suddenly, face to face, you see someone who is wearing the same thing...wek wek wek...). Second, some designs are too busy, worse some santo owners layer their santo with this fabric one too many. The best way to use this is to match it with a plain fabric or a clothing decorated with patches. Another option is to choose the a portion of the fabric and use it to decorate the clothing, not all, to somehow "tame" the fabric, plus you get to make something one of a kind.

C360_2013-01-12-14-16-05 (Small)
Beautiful for Holy Week.

C360_2013-01-12-14-17-19 (Small)
Tamed using a black sheer fabric (to add more drama as well...)

C360_2013-01-12-14-16-11 (Small)
It comes in blue as well...

C360_2013-01-12-14-11-20 (Small)
I love this can be used for a Kristo or a dress for a Santa...beautiful and versatile.

C360_2012-12-16-11-26-10 (Small)
The Dress has been bling or not to bling...(from a bazaar in Eastwood)

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