Thursday, April 11, 2013

Galilea at Plaridel Bayan

A Galilea is a make-shift structure where the Salubong rite is held. This is where the an "angel" will remove the black veil still shrouding the mourning image of the Blessed Virgin Mary and where the image of the Risen Christ is reveiled to the faithful.

Monday after Easter...after the tiring activities of Holy and some friends decided to take a breather and enjoy the best Bulacan can offer. Our last stop for the day was in Plaridel, Bulacan...

Slide11 (Small)
The Parish of St. James Matamoro

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I can just only imagine how beautiful the Salubong here was...the angels singing in the balcony structure, removes the veil of the Blessed Virgin...after a cloth covering the Risen Christ was released and the image is revealed to all (whichever comes first)...Mother and Son reunited!

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