Monday, October 29, 2012

St. Michael the Archangel Parish, Marilao, Bulacan

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Since we are already in Marilao (for the wake of my Tita Cora), we decided to hear mass in St. Michael Parish. Of course, after the mass did a bit of sight seeing as I always do whenever I enter churches. I've been in and out of this church for quite some time and this is the only time I will be featuring come I wonder? It is a beautiful church with its highly ornate and baroque features (although I find the retablo too much, but the altar images are a wonder to behold).

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Fiesta was just celebrated a week ago. Below left, the new Parish Priest of Marilao, Bayan.

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The highly ornate and baroque altar/retablo of the church. If I am not mistaken the images are from the Vecin Workshop.

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The Church interiors. The old world feel is striking!

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The Church's main aisle

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Christ and his angels.

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Marilao's Our Lady of the Rosary, since it is October.

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Other church images. Top right, amazing tableau of the coronation.

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Other church images, Sto. Entierro; Crucifixion; Nazareno, Divine Mercy and St. Francis of Assisi

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Outside the Parish church

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