Monday, October 29, 2012

SJMV October Devotion 2012: Daily Rosary

During the planning for the activities of the Parish's October Devotion activities, our new Parish Priest, Fr. Loddy asks, "where is the recitation of the rosary." Year after year the focus was on the weekly activities, but it seems we are forgetting the integral part of the celebration, praying the rosary.

October 15th

From Blessed to Saint, now St. Pedro Calungsod together with Our Lady of the Rosary
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Notice the flowers, this is the same floral arrangement used on the altar of Beata Imelda Lambertini, Marikina Holy Rosary procession (held yesterday).

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October 22nd

Slide1 (Small)

October 25th

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It was the gentlemen's turn to lead the rosary. What a pleasant surprise!

October 27th- started a bit late due to a wedding, typical of Filipinos, everyone got carried away with the picture taking or "kodakan."

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Some of the flowers used in the wedding were transferred to the altar.

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