Monday, October 29, 2012

We love you Tita Cora!

October 5th was a sad day for my Family, one of my Lola's (father side), the youngest of the siblings passed away. No one knew that she was battling a fatal disease given her positive outlook in life and her cheerful appearance so imagine everyone's shock and disbelief that this has happened. Eternal rest grant unto her soul, and let the perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. We love you Tita Cora!

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October 6th (Saturday). Tita Cora's last garden with St. Therese and our family's heirloom Dolorosa. Kuya Michael did a wonderful job in ensuring Ta Cor's has a beautiful and memorable wake.

Holy Week will never be the same without her. This year, the Pabasa was held in her house (following the order among siblings) who would have thought that this is her last Pabasa? Right now I am just imagining how it will be without her laughter, without her constant feedback regarding how we are arranging the flowers, how the image is dressed (the family's Dolorosa), what time it is already, etc etc I look up to her because in her I see a true dedication of continuing the family tradition. I look up to her because I see in her true faith and true service to the church which sadly is something our family needs at this moment. I look up to her because she has the ability to bring the family together yearly to fulfill our duty as caretakers of the Dolorosa. I pray that even without her, our devotion and our promise will be fulfilled. I pray that even without her, the family's tradition, how simple it may be, will live on. Lastly, I pray that through her true conversion of hearts happen, that our family be catholics not just in support of this annual tradition but always, faithful to God almighty!

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October 12th (Friday), before her interment. Flowers were again changed, still keeping with the secret garden look.

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Faith played an important aspect in her life. Faith is still part in her last days on Earth. God bless your soul Tita Cora!

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Our Family's Dolorosa and the replica of Marilao's Miraculous crucifix. Pray for Tita Cora, O beloved Mother of God! I remembered during my Great Grandmother's interment, the Dolorosa was even "seated" in the front row in the cemetery.

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