Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, General Santos City

Before leaving Gen San after almost a week of vacation to attend the wedding of my cousin, I decided to drop by Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage to hear mass and to feature it in my blog. It's been a while since I last came to this church even if we were in Gen San since a few blocks from my relative's home in Dadiangas Heights, is a chapel (see separate entry on the Chapel of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary) so there is really no need to go in the city.

It was a beautiful day so I decided to walk to the Parish. Normally it is a tricycle ride from where we live.

Church Exterior

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish Church, Roxas Avenue, Dadiangas South, General Santos City (See website on the Parish for more information.)

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The church looks similar to any other churches in Luzon, except for the security check in the entrance and the use of Bisaya (I think) in almost all of the announcements around the church.

Church Grounds and the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament

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Church Interior

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Church Altar
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Church Images

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Only in Gen San, Bituing Marikit garlands

Slide30 (Small)
This is not Sampaguita. The symmetry of this flower (or fruit...not sure) is breathtaking, nature is truly amazing. Unfortunately it is not as fragrant as the Sampaguita that is why they add Waling-waling.

Slide27 (Small)
According to the vendor I was able to interview, these just grows outside their back yard and they just harvest it...I am not sure how this is called in english. This is my first time to see this plant...can't find anything useful in google.

Slide28 (Small)
When I saw this I immediately thought of Holy Week in Bulacan, there are only two colors available, white and violet, perfect for the season. I can use this instead of sampaguita and according to the vendor they also do bituing marikit on sticks...the question now is how to transport it to Manila.

Slide31 (Small)
The Bituing Marikit garland.

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