Sunday, November 4, 2012

Marian Exhibit at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

In celebration of Mama Mary's birthday, an exhibit was held in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall.

The non-marian images
Placed at the entrance of the exhibit area are the images of San Jose and of Sta. Lucia (namesake of the mall)

Slide2 (Small)
San Jose, beloved spouse of Mary

Slide23 (Small)
Sta. Lucia, patron saint of those who are blind

The Exhibit Proper: the Marian Images

Slide1 (Small)

Slide3 (Small)

Slide4 (Small)

Slide5 (Small)

Slide6 (Small)

Slide7 (Small)

Slide8 (Small)

Slide9 (Small)

Slide10 (Small)

Slide11 (Small)

Slide12 (Small)

Slide13 (Small)

Slide14 (Small)

Slide15 (Small)

Slide16 (Small)

Slide17 (Small)

Slide18 (Small)

Slide19 (Small)

Slide20 (Small)

Slide21 (Small)

Slide22 (Small)

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