Monday, April 9, 2012

Holy Week 2012: San Jose Del Monte Bulacan Series 5

Pabasa ng Pamilya Maiquez
Abril 4-5

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This year is special, all Family images are included in the Pabasa, normally it is just the antique Dolorosa. Also, this year SSF's Paciencia image is part of this family tradition.

The host of the Family's annual Pabasa is Tita Cora. She is the youngest among the Maiquez siblings (8 in total). I am looking forward to 2015 when it's my side of the Family who will take on this obligation.

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Deviating from tradition though...the Pabasa started at 9pm instead of 3pm in the afternoon. Reason behind, the Pabasa is almost always finished early, starting it late means we may be able to meet the 3pm expected end time...unfortunately the Pabasa was still chanted fast enough that it was actually finished at 2pm...some parts of the Pasyon had to be repeated to meet the 3 pm planned end of the Pabasa.

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Tres Marias...catered lunch care of this year's host

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The Pabasa chanters were a mixture of Family and Friends. Bottom right, the images of Kristong Gapos and Jesus de la Paciencia

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Kristong Gapos

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SSF's Paciencia

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Alegria and Dolorosa. Two facets of human life...up times and down times

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Blues clues...images of Mary's seven sorrows scattered throughout the Pabasa altar

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Replica of the Dolorosa, commissioned by one of my Lola's who know resides in Canada. You really can't take away this tradition from our family, it has now become ingrained as part of our identity

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