Monday, April 9, 2012

Holy Week 2012: San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan Series 7

Dawn Procession
St. Joseph the Worker Parish
Poblacion, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
April 8, 2012

Slide21 (Small)

As always we are late...this time the procession started without the Alegria. We met the start of the procession in front of the Municipal hall, a stone's throw away from the Parish. A wheel at the back of the carroza was flat, last minute this has to be changed that's why we were late.

Slide22 (Small)
Alegria catching up...

Slide23 (Small)
Alegria still covered with black veil...

Slide24 (Small)
Signaling the entrance of the Alegria...the organizer was using flashes of light to communicate to the organizer at the other end of the street (where the Risen Christ is).

Slide25 (Small)
A beautiful moon lights the Salubong front of the Galilea, the crowd has settled and the angels are ready for their Alleluia performance...

Slide26 (Small)
Mother and Son about to meet...

Slide27 (Small)
In the company of the Risen Christ...A much taller image of Christ was used in the Salubong this year. This image is owned by the incumbent Parish Priest who from what I heard donated it to the owner of the small Risen Christ. This image of Christ is now of the same scale as the Alegria.

Slide28 (Small)
Ready for the Good news! 

Slide29 (Small)
Reyna sa Langit Magalak ka! Alleluia...Sapagkat si Hesus ay muling nabuhay, Alleluia!

Slide30 (Small)

Slide31 (Small)
Alleluia, Alleluia

Slide32 (Small)
From L-R: Risen Christ and the Alegria, Sta. Maria Salome, Sta. Maria Magdalena, St. Peter, Sta. Veronica and the Alegria (no St. John again, as in years past...I wish the owners of St. John reconsider their participation in the Salubong procession, it feels incomplete without him since Jesus entrusted His mother to him)

Slide33 (Small)
The Easter Church service...after the mass, here's what's left of the carroza's

Slide34 (Small)
Father's easter game...easter egg with a twist...every 4th child will be able to get an egg...inside the egg is a note which states how much the child will receive...P500.00, P20.00 etc...all other children will receive candies.

Slide35 (Small)
Candy for you...

Slide36 (Small)
The new Risen Christ...reunited with his Mother. In his homily, the Parish said that he believes that the catholic "Salubong" tradition is accurate. How could he not have visited (among the other followers he has appeared to) his own mother whom he loved and until the last moment of his earthly life? In the movie, the Passion of Christ, he said that although he has seen the movie he still cried at the scenes depicting Mary and Jesus: when Jesus fell down under the weight of the cross, Mary remembered when Jesus stumbled and scratched his knee...before Mary can do something to alleviate the pain of his meeting her son carrying the cross she cannot do anything...imagine the pain that is to a mother...

Another Holy Week has ended...the Alegria will stay in the Parish until Wednesday. Back at home, the carroza's were cleaned and brought inside the house-garage. The wheels were all removed this time given that we lost 2 wheels last time. These were not the only things taken, even the wirings inside the house were all removed by the robbers and the handle of the carroza of Kristong Gapos.

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