Monday, April 9, 2012

Pasyon of the Future

Pasyon of the Future

There were only 4 Pasyon books available...what to do?

040420124270 (Small)

Pasyon on Tablets...why not? Think Again.

I downloaded the Pasyon from this site:

One good thing about this is the function to search words in the internet, especially archaic tagalog...although have not tried it (since I was busy singing)...

Furthermore with the internet, flat screen and LCD technology getting better every year this does not sound completely impossible...although power source is a question, like for tablets at most a tablet will run 3-4 hours straight before it requires charging.

Which is greener? Printed Pasyon or online Pasyon?

Pasyon online

Having problems getting chanters especially during the wee hours of the morning...check out Pasyon online...

Although as my Tita said, pasyon is meant to be chanted with devotion and gusto, not because you are asked or paid to do so...

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