Sunday, March 25, 2012

Holy Week 2012: San Jose Del Monte Bulacan Series 4

Pabasa naLOMO
Pabasa para sa Kristong Gapos at Paciencia ng SSF
Marso 24-25, 2012

Subjek: Mga Imahen

2012-03-25-12-03-20 (Small)
Kristong Gapos

2012-03-25-11-31-59 (Small)
Kristong Gapos, new face

2012-03-25-12-00-00 (Small)
Kristong Gapos sa Pasyon

2012-03-25-12-02-05 (Small)

2012-03-25-12-02-20 (Small)
A sadder expression

2012-03-25-12-02-36 (Small)
A sadder expression

2012-03-25-12-02-50 (Small)
A sadder expression

2012-03-25-12-01-10 (Small)
SSF's Paciencia

2012-03-25-12-00-30 (Small)
SSF's Paciencia

2012-03-25-12-00-51 (Small)
After and Before

2012-03-25-10-12-14 (Small)
Profile Kristong Gapos

2012-03-25-10-13-46 (Small)
Block Rosary Crucifix

2012-03-25-10-13-58 (Small)
Medalya Milagrosa

2012-03-25-10-14-51 (Small)
All in all...

2012-03-25-12-01-25 (Small)
For God so loved the world...He gave us his only son...Jesus Christ our saviour, His most precious one...

2012-03-25-12-01-49 (Small)

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