Sunday, March 25, 2012

Holy Week 2012: San Jose Del Monte Bulacan Series 1


Documenting Lent and Holy Week related activities of my family culminating in the Holy Week processions in our hometown, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

It's Cleaning time once again!...

We only get a chance to go to Poblacion (San Jose Del Monte) during lent. Reason behind, there is really no house for anyone to stay in (although my Lolo's and Lola's are already planning to build one but this I believe will not happen any time soon), in short the place is not livable, it is really meant as a garage for the carroza's.

110320124190 (Small)
where the carroza's are...

110320124199 (Small)
One for the Dolorosa, one for the Kristong Gapos

110320124177 (Small)

One thing I like about our place in San Jose is the spacious grounds which can accommodate all the family vehicles and a space wide enough to decorate 2 carroza's. If given the chance and the money I dream to have more images, meaning more carroza's, join our Parish's line-up...hehehe...libre lang mangarap... Right now our neighbor's "mga pangsabong na manok" rule this grounds.

110320124201 (Small)
Cleaning and fixing hurts...imitation of Christ

110320124202 (Small)
Nature is still the best teacher for floral arrangements, a beautiful L-shaped typed arrangement

110320124204 (Small)
New gates to beef up security...

110320124206 (Small)
sore hands...

110320124207 (Small)
sore palms

110320124205 (Small)
An interestingly shaped log...what do you see?

110320124178 (Small)

Was surprised to see the the trees pruned to their actual size and shape. These trees are usually big which acts a canopy to shade us while decorating carroza's (but occassionally you get victimized by huge falling caterpillars) am a bit concerned given that the sun's rays are scorchingly hot nowadays...

110320124179 (Small)
The rooster and the Tree

110320124203 (Small)
Another look at the now "bonsaid" version of this (once) huge huge tree

110320124180 (Small)
The carroza of the Dolorosa, without any flowers which usually covers the whole area, looks different bare...

The case of the missing wheels

Wala na talagang sinasanto ang mga magnanakaw. 2 wheels from the carroza of the Dolorosa were stolen (those near the glass window), my dad said that they will get good value out of those wheels given that these are the durable types of wheels produced in the 90's compared to those produced nowadays.

110320124181 (Small)
The Crime Scene...we believe the robbers broke the glass window took of by climbing the roof of the make-shift toilet

110320124186 (Small)
Mater Dolorosa carroza detail 1

110320124187 (Small)
Mater Dolorosa carroza detail 2

110320124189 (Small)
Mater Dolorosa carroza detail 3

110320124188 (Small)
Old bed frame forming a window like effect on the wall

Halo Halo Break

Nothing beats a cold halo-halo to beat the hot day! Reward for helping out!

110320124183 (Small)

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