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Our Lady of Biglang Awa of Marinduque: Here's a Marian Image I'd like to Know More About...See Perhaps?...

And here's what I found about the image in the internet...

Biglang Awa Del Boac, from WikiPilipinas

The Virgin of Marinduque was installed at the Monserrat de Marinduque, the church in Boac established by the Franciscan missionaries. It was successively managed by the Jesuits and Augustinian Recollects until it became independent and canonically erected diocese in May 1978.

The Pronto Socorro of Boac regarded her as a defender. The Virgin's monument is found on the side of the cathedral facing the Boac River.

Miracles Attributed to the Image

  • Muslim raids were common in the country, and the island of Marinduque was not spared of it.People fled to the church for refuge and to pray. The men defended the outer walls of the church fortress. Women and children were praying the rosary before the image of the Immaculate Conception. After three days of fighting, there was a shortage of food. There were many casualties on the part of the Christians. Defeat was impending. Suddenly a storm came, rain fell accompanied by lightning and thunder. A beautiful lady in white was seen on the walls of the fortress waving her hands as if driving the enemies away. This scared the Muslims who retreated to their vintas in fear and confusion. The old image brought in by the Jesuits was placed on the spot where she appeared and given the name, Biglang Awa.
  • Justina Manubay was blind since birth. She promised to serve the Virgin, build her house near the shrine. She prayed day and night before Our Lady. At the age of 60, she fully gained her sight.
  • Former Hermana Julieta Marbello's son was spared from death when the tanker in which he worked exploded.
  • Asuncion B. Madrigal and her companions were crossing from Lucena to Marinduque by a sailboat when they were caught by a storm. They were tossed and turned by giant waves and thought that they would not make it. They sought the intervention of Our Lady and after a turbulent night, they found themselves drifting safely back to shore. She served as the official Recamadera of the Virgin from May 1949 to June 1973.
Here's a clip documenting the 50th Anniversary of the Canonical Coronation of the Image:

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