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Roxas Blvd. Grand Sto. Nino Procession 2014 Part 1

The Festejada image of the Congregacion del Santisimo Nombre del Nino Jesus

January 26, 11:00 am I arrived at Philtrade quite early this year. I am here of course to view the carroza's and the image's participating in the annual procession organized by the members of the Congregacion Del Santisimo Nombre del Niño Jesus in honor of the Child Jesus.

The Official Gazette, a government website, published the greetings of no less than President Aquino to the Congregacion Members in their 35th year.

His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
To the Congregacion Del Santisimo Nombre del Niño Jesus
On the occasion of their 35th Fiesta del Sto. Niño
[January 16, 2014]

My warmest greetings to the Congregacion Del Santisimo Nombre del Niño Jesus as you celebrate your 35th Fiesta del Sto. Niño.

Your festivities mark another memorable event in your continuing narrative: It celebrates your efforts to strengthen the faith that has held your congregation together throughout the years. Your fiesta is also a constant and timely reminder that with God’s guidance, there is no challenge that you cannot surpass. May this occasion serve its purpose of further promoting harmony, goodwill, and justice in your religious community. As you thank the Almighty and your patron, Sto. Niño, for showering you with hope and resilience, may you embody these virtues into actions and lead our people on the straight and righteous path towards dignified, meaningful lives.

The Philippines continues to revel in this exciting period of resurgence. Let us cradle in our hearts an even stronger spirit of bayanihan and a deeper sense of social responsibility, as we achieve greater heights.

I wish you a happy, momentous fiesta.



Start at Philtrade Grounds

All carroza's participating in the procession all gather at the Philtrade Grounds, some opt to decorate their carroza's here. Afterwards at 3:00 pm, the devotees with their beloved images traverse the stretch of Roxas Blvd. up to Quirino Grandstand where awarding of the best carroza's and street performers will take place.

I noticed this ad immediately upon entering Philtrade, at this point in time this is the best place to advertise a carroza business...

Arriving at Philtrade this early has its pro's and con''s, it is not yet crowded; con's, majority of the carroza's are not yet finished; some of the images are even covered in sheets of fabric to protect it from the sun

The Festejada Image

The Santisimo Nombre del Nino Jesus or the Most Holy Name of the Child Jesus, Festejada image of the Congregacion. This image is enshrined at the Sto. Niño Chapel in Violago Compound on E. Rodriguez Avenue in Quezon City.

Year after year, the carroza of the image is colorful and bold, and this year is no different. I agree that it best suits the cheerful visage of the image.

Angels Brought Me Here

The next two images in my opinion have the most memorable carroza this year. I am not sure though what the theme was this year of if they won but they surely did push carroza arrangements to a new high...heavenly, like an army of angels swooped down to carry on their wings the Son of God.

The Prince of Angels...

The Pinoy Ingenuity

This carroza may not win the most beautiful decoration award or something but I am truly amazed in the amount of effort put into this carroza. Opportunities brings out the best in every Pinoy. I just have to record the carroza in video, a picture will do no justice to the amount of thought and effort poured into it. Just watch the video to see what I am saying...

The Most beautiful carroza

This carroza is the most beautiful carroza in existence in the whole country. Not just by its sheer size, but in the amount of details adorning every inch of its body. This is my first time to actually inspect the carroza from "head to feet" since in Intramuros' GMP the carroza is always covered in tons of flowers and I was pleasantly surprised in the ornate carvings I saw which is normally hidden from plain sight.

Angels on High, angels seemingly floating around the carroza emphasizes the holiness of the image it bears

The Evangelists stand post in every corner of the carroza

Crowning Glory

The Annunciation

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