Monday, February 25, 2013

St. Joseph Parish, Las Pinas City

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I have always known that the Bamboo organ is in Las Pinas, little did I know that the organ is housed in St. Joseph Parish. The church is made of sturdy adobe and has withstood the test of time for centuries.

The church was founded by Father Diego Cera de la Virgen del Carmen who is also believed as the brains behind the creation of the bamboo organ. His legacy is further immortalized in a beautiful monument outside the Parish.

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The church is made from adobe (volcanic) stones in the Earthquake Baroque architectural style.

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Besides the parish is a convent converted to a small museum showcasing the history of the Bamboo Organ and the parish, it also contains a gift shop selling audio recordings of music played using the infamous instrument.

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Parish grounds and Fr. Diego Cera's monument.

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Although it has been renovated in the past, the church still embodies an old world feel, a feeling that you are stepping in history while inside. It has a particular musky, earthy smell that further transports you back in time. The parishioners also did a good job maintaining an indigenous theme for its Christmas decorations.

The Church Interior

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Images of the Parish

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The patron of the church, St. Joseph. 

O most poweful patriarch, Saint Joseph, patron of that universal Church which has always invoked thee in anxieties and tribulations; from the lofty seat of thy glory lovingly regard the Catholic world. Let it move thy paternal heart to see the mystical spouse of Christ and His vicar weakened by sorrow and persecuted by powerful enemies. We beseech thee, by the most bitter suffering thou didst experience on earth, to wipe away in mercy the tears of the revered pontiff, to defend and liberate him, and to intercede with the Giver of peace and charity, that every hostile power being overcome and every error being destroyed, the whole Church may serve the God of all blessings in perfect liberty. Amen.

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An offering for the beloved protector; image of a Franciscan Saint; image of St. Anthony of Padua

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Santo Entierro, San Lorenzo Ruiz and Sta. Lucia

The Bamboo Organ

On November 24, 2003, it was given this recognition by the National Museum of the Philippines since “it is the only 19th century Bamboo Organ in the Philippines that has survived and is still functioning.” This unique musical instrument is composed of 1,031 pipes, and 902 of which are made out of bamboo while the rest are metal. Read more on the history of the Bamboo Organ, see link.

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The Parish Museum

Near the entrance of the Parish is a small museum which houses memorabilia relating to the history of the church and of course the Bamboo Organ. This is also the entrance to the choir loft which will enable you to see the organ up close.

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