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The Sto. Rosario of Pasig

December 25th- This was my first time to come to work on the 24th (night shift, until morning of the 25th), no Noche Buena this time around for me...but as I always say, I'd rather give up my Christmas but never...I say never take my Holy Week off from after work, instead of attending the midnight mass which has been my family's custom since I was young...I attended mass at Sto. Rosario, Pasig.

I have always heard of Rosario, Pasig but I didn't know that at the heart of this busy and always congested road is a church dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary (now I don't know if the road was named Rosario after the church was built or the church was named Rosario because the area was always known to be that way). It is a relatively small parish but let not it's size fool you of the faith of its parishioners who regularly flock the church's hall...

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Parol and LED's, "the new color of Christmas," decorate the facade; (Right) Church grounds, a grotto and a small parking area in front of the church

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On the right side of the church,  a covered extension was built to accommodate the parish population.

The Church Images

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(From L-R, T-B) Crucified Christ, San  Jose, Nuestro Padre Senor Nazareno, Sto. Nino, Divine Mercy, San Antonio and another Marian image

The Church Interiors (taken from the Parish Archives)

From a decree the late Archbishop of Manila, His Excellency Rufino Cardinal Santos on February 23, 1963, the Parish of Santo Rosario de Pasig was erected and separated from the Immaculate Conception Parish of Pasig. The jurisdiction of the parish is as follows:  Santolan (North), Marikina River (West), Maybunga San Miguel (South), Cainta (East)

The primary means of livelihood of the residents were farming and clay-pot making. With the expansion of Manila and the construction of Rosario Bridge at Ortigas Ext. and with the building of new factories and residential subdivision, the number of residents increased and the mode of living changed.

Fr. Vicente M. Planta was installed as its first Parish Priest.  When plans were made to construct a bigger church, the Archdiocese of Manila bought 2,000 square meters of lot last 1965. Last February 10, 1967, Fr. Teodoro Perez, parish priest at that time, strove to build the new church and convent  with the money that was obtained from selling a lot that was previously a property of Immaculate Conception in Pasig.  The people worked to together and with the participation of the Pastoral Council under Sebastian Sandoval, the Church was built.  J. Mijares Constructions won the bid to construct it.

The first mass was held last October 10, 1970, eve of the feast of our dear Patron, under the supervision of the Parish Priest and the Parish Council headed by Oscar F. Zapanta. The Church was blessed last February 29, 1971 by the late Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence, Rufino Cardinal Santos, under the Patronage of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, its feast falling on a Sunday closest to October 7.

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The Miraculous Image of Our Lady of the Rosary

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The Christmas Story

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