Friday, July 6, 2012

Holy Week in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan 2012: Easter Sunday

One More Time

Nostalgic about Salubong 2012.

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It may still be the dead of night but in our household, people are already starting to get up and prepare for the Salubong procession...

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A beautiful moon, a beautiful night...however everything else is still shrouded by the veil of darkness, despair and gloom over the death of Christ...not for long... Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

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Every Easter Sunday, family members have two options: A) accompany the image of the Alegria to the Parish and join the procession from the start; B) Wait for the procession outside our house. I wish they will revert to the old procession route wherein the procession passes through our street as well during Good Friday, not just Easter.

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The procession is here...San Pedro leading the way...gosh, in my head a picture of my family joining the Salubong Procession was taken and published in a's in my head since I was the question is, is it real or not?

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From smallest to Biggest...procession towards the Galilea

Scenes from the Galilea

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Images of saints arrive one by one...

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The Alegria

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The Alegria arriving on cue

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Singing the Regina Ceoli

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Technology bridging gaps...watching the Salubong rites via Ipad!

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Removal of the veil...Queen of Heaven, rejoice! For your son Jesus has risen, Hallelujah!

Salubong Procession

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Salubong na! The Angel who removed the veil from the Virgin (far right) leads the images

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Salubong. For the first time in many years, the Risen Christ and the Virgin are equal in size...looks nicer visually

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The Risen Christ back at the Parish.

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The image of the Risen Christ and the Alegria arrives at the Parish grounds; immediately the images are brought down and prepared for the entrance (Easter Mass, entrance of the priest).

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Jesus Christ is Alive! Blessing the altar and the images after the entrance

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