Friday, July 6, 2012

Holy Week in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan 2012: Good Friday

One More Time

Holy week may be far from over but the nostalgia continuous for me to this day...

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If you look towards the south (I presume), towards the Church, this is the view of San Francisco Street which you will see; if you look at the opposite direction (see below), this is now going to the place were the Salubong is reenacted

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Looking forward to the Resurrection, onto the Galilea...pero wala pa, it's still Good Friday...

Slide19 (Small)
Done with the floral arrangements, covering against the heat of the summer sun...still need to finish the carroza of the Dolorosa

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About time...after a short drizzle, the image of the Kristong Gapos is brought out to be placed on the carroza.

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A Meaningful nephew whom my family brands as my successor who will take care of the family images and traditions

Slide22 (Small)
An altar for SSF's Paciencia fronting our house

Slide23 (Small)
Last minute touches...ooops one of the Potencia's is moving the other way...

Slide24 (Small)
The Official Photo of the Carroza Pullers...hehehe...a huge thanks to my cousins

Slide25 (Small)
Kristong Gapos ready for the procession

Slide26 (Small)
Seeing double...

Slide27 (Small)
Made it on time, arrival at the Parish...we went ahead almost 4:00 pm...the carroza of the Dolorosa is not yet finished. Kristong Gapos is third in the line-up

Slide28 (Small)
Good thing the mass did not end on time...Arrival of the Dolorosa

Procession Starts

Slide41 (Small)
The Leader of the procession exits the church...

Slide30 (Small)
Start of procession frenzy...this is it...

Slide39 (Small)

Slide42 (Small)
2nd and 3rd in the line-up respectively. Agony in the Garden exits; Kristong Gapos on stand-by

Slide43 (Small)
Mga Apostoles

Slide31 (Small)
The other image of the Sorrowful Mother...the Angustia

Slide45 (Small)
The Angustia exits...

Slide46 (Small)
Temptation of Christ...the Santo Entierro Exits with the Parish Priest nearby

Slide47 (Small)
The Santo Entierro...

Slide32 (Small)
The Nazarene. The Carrying of the Cross

Slide33 (Small)
Crowning with thorns...the first image owned by a group or samahan rather than a family

Slide38 (Small)
Salome and Veronica Study

Slide34 (Small)
San Juan Face

Slide35 (Small)
San Juan Body...notice the strings, that's a fool proof way of solving "falling-hands" problem...although I think there is a better more inconspicuous way of sewing it into place

Slide37 (Small)
Magdalena, Magdalena..Fashion forward...

Slide36 (Small)
Our Family's Dolorosa...

Slide48 (Small)
A mother's love...following her son every step of the way...

Slide29 (Small)
Dolorosa Exits

Slide49 (Small)
Dolorosa; Processions, connecting people

Slide50 (Small)
The Santo Entierro

Slide51 (Small)
Guarding the Entierro

Slide52 (Small)
San Mateo and Santa Veronica

Slide53 (Small)
Salome and Magdalena

Slide54 (Small)
Juan and the Dolorosa

Slide55 (Small)
Accompanying the Virgin

The Roundabout

Slide56 (Small)
San Pedro and the Agony

Slide57 (Small)
Kristong Gapos and the Crowning with Thorns

Slide58 (Small)
Best seats in the house; San Jose Del Monte is a major route for buses going North

Slide59 (Small)
Dolorosa in Poblacion

Slide60 (Small)
The Belfry looms from wherever you are in Poblacion...

Slide61 (Small)
And Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

Slide62 (Small)
Magdalena and Juan

Slide63 (Small)
Dolorosa...nearing the end of the Procession

Slide64 (Small)
Kristong Gapos, back inside the Parish grounds

Slide65 (Small)
The Dolorosa besides the Entierro; getting Sampaguita from the Santo Entierro's carroza, said to be powerful and will bring luck

Slide66 (Small)
Dolorosa: Happy Times and Sad Times

Slide67 (Small)
The images of my Family, the Abellanosa-Maiquez Family

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