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Enthronement 2012: October Devotion 2012 @ SJMV

It is October again...oh how time flies. With a lot of changes going on in the Parish eg appointment of a new Parish Priest, splitting of our parish into two, etc. preparations for this year's October Devotion are last minute. Nonetheless, it is happening and yesterday, September 30th, the Enthronement activity was held before the 6:30 pm mass to kick-off this month-long observance of the Month of the Holy Rosary.

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The program started a bit behind schedule, it was a challenge relaying instructions given that everything was just being finalized now compared to prior years wherein at least, a review of the day's event were run through among the different participants. Actually this is not the only thing that did not go according to plan, the day was a series of what I would like to call a "comedy of errors."

1. The image's clothes did not fit her right so when we were dressing her yesterday, my aunt had to make a lot of adjustments and we had to be creative to cover these, thus explaining the addition of the red belt and the red sash on the baby Jesus (it was not just placed there for aesthetic purposes but it really looked good, especially for the baby aunt kept exclaiming while she was stitching the sash in place..."oh it's so cute." I was originally targeting dressing to last until noon, but alas with all the adjustments we only finished just in time for the 6:00 pm activity. This is really a huge huge lesson learned for me. Aside from time management, I realized that Santeros really need to monitor the progress of the image's they are commissioning including their garments or metal works, trust and quality is clearly out of the vocabulary of the artisans working on these images...if you want it done right you have to be there constantly checking. I've been denying that for some time now but I guess yesterday's event made it really evident for me that this is the truth. The sad part is you pay them money expecting the best and you give them their full trust, in return they give you something less than what was originally agreed when the down payment was handed. But all is forgiven, and I know better. If we are not talking about embroidery, I thought the dresses that I make are more beautiful and well thought...the only problem is I do not know how to sew...    = (

2. Since everything was being done last minute, posters were not made unlike before wherein posters are posted at least a week prior to the enthronement, same for the program which is distributed to the commentators beforehand. I had to bring my laptop to the commentator this time and have him read it as a word doc file.

3. In Dangwa as I was choosing the flowers to use, aside from going over budget because the rains are still making everything so expensive (and there's not much choice)I got mesmerized by the pink gladioli that was recently brought out by the flower vendor, bought it with eyes closed because it was a bit expensive but after buying it I realized, where am I going to use it? It goes against the floral arrangement I have earlier in I had to rethink everything...Should I return the flowers...should I return it...

4. Party poppers dit not POP! We don't know how to use it...turns out we just have to press a button on the side, we got used to twisting the popper to trigger the POP!

It was a tough day, but when the activity started everything just fell into place. I say to myself don't over think things...Santeros like me only want the best for our images, from how the hair is falling, to the shape of the cape to the flowers adorning the altar it is placed on but it's just me...what is more important is the perpetuation of faith through this devotional activity, that Mary is honored and her virtues made know to the parishioners. Things were done last minute, a lot of challenges getting everything together, but in the end everything felt right.

Mama Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us! Pray for me, your devotee and a sinner, to be ever more strong in faith and obedience to God! Pray for me for my decisions and thoughts and actions, for my roles and responsibilities in life and for my soul that it be pleasing to God as yours was.

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Our Lady seemingly being escorted by guards, "this way maam..."

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The procession across the Parish main aisle

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From wheels to the altar

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Welcoming the image of Our Lady of the Rosary

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Our Lady with her angels

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Our Lady with her angels

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Blessing and incensing the image led by Fr. Romy

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Blessing and incensing the image led by Fr. Romy

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October Devotion message: Please pray the Rosary!

The Morning After...

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Day 1

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Our Lady of the Rosary, new look...apparently...had to make a lot of tough decisions while dressing the image...when her dress was adjusted, the mantle was now too short...way short so it was just draped as a cape; the sun around her face was no longer placed because it just looks out of place and I no longer added a veil...

From design to execution, I was not sure how it will work out at first, but it turned out lovely, thank God!

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Representing the four mysteries,devotees praying the rosary after the 6:00 am mass

1800's Photo-effect

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C360_2012-10-01-06-49-25 (Small)

C360_2012-10-01-07-10-49 (Small)

C360_2012-10-01-07-18-02 (Small)


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